As a professional makeup artist and beauty influencer, Gretzie has tried the "latest and greatest" skincare products on the market. As someone who once suffered from acne and ultra sensitive skin, Gretzie couldn't seem to find products that best complimented her skin type, leaving her with no choice but to create a line of her own.


MY SKIN was created with three simple, yet non-negotiables in mind:


  1. Safe & Effective for all skin types, especially those with acne prone skin (because let's face it, we are the one's who fear using anything that could make our skin worse)
  2. Natural & Affordable because health shouldn't be disregarded due to cost.
  3. Made in Fresh Batches and locally made. You should have the right to know where your products are coming from and how fresh they are prior to putting them on your skin.


MY SKIN started out as a simple, four step skincare routine primarily for women. After a year of growing the line and building an amazing community of MY SKIN lovers, MY SKIN FOR HIM was born - A special partnership with Gretzie's fiancé Mark to create yet again, a simple yet exciting routine for men that they would be proud to have on their counter.


If you have yet to try MY SKIN, we hope you do. If it didn't wouldn't exist.


xoxo - Gretzie Parth




How can I find out more information about a MY SKIN product?

Product details can be found on the product pages but if you have more questions, please free to email us at


How often do you restock?

Restock dates vary depending on product availability, but typically every two weeks. MY SKIN is always made in fresh batches!


Are your products natural?

 Yes! MY SKIN products are made out of natural essential oils and other plant-based, all-natural ingredients. All our products are free of chemicals, parabens,  dyes, synthetic fragrance, sulfates and formaldehyde.


Does MY SKIN use parabens or sulfates?

We do not use parabens or sulfates in any of our products. 


Do you test products on animals?

MY SKIN does not test products on animals.


Is the MY SKIN line safe for all skin types?

All products were formulated to be safe for all skin types but if you have specific concerns, please consult your doctor with the list of ingredients found on the website.


I have acne prone skin, is MY SKIN safe for me?

The MY SKIN line was made with sensitive and acne prone skin types at top of mind, as this is the skin type of our founder Gretzie. If you have struggled to find products that don’t irritate your skin or make your acne worse, we encourage you to try the line. A handful of our severe acne prone clients have had amazing success! 


Are your products approved by Health Canada?

Yes, all products have been approved by Health Canada. We follow Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines when manufacturing all products.


What temperatures do these products need to be stored at?

We recommend storing your products in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.


I’m pregnant! Can I use MY SKIN by GPMAKEUP?

Congratulations! The MY SKIN line is pregnancy safe. Please note that rosemary is an essential oil that is not recommended for pregnancy in high concentration. Our Squeaky Clean Face Wash and Key Lime Refresh Facial Toner do contain a rosemary concentration of less than 1%. Please consult your physician prior to using our products to ensure the best for you and your skin at this exciting time. 


I have eczema. Are any of the scrubs suitable for me?  

Our Vanilla Latte Face Scrub is here for you! Packed with fatty acids and antioxidants, mango butter is not only nourishing, but can also help with eczema and acne. In addition, our locally sourced coffee beans and honey reduces inflammation in the skin while reducing bacteria build up .   Please note it is always best to check with your physician if you have any major concerns.