It's easy as 1 2 3 ... literally ! 

If you have either never applied false lashes before or you have tried to in the past but just couldn't do it, please don't shy away from #GCLASSLASHES because I can promise you that this is a whole new lash experience. 

What differentiates a #GCLASSLASHES lash application from all other lashes on the market is that my lashes are handcrafted to solve all of the problems that most people experience with other false lashes.

Can you relate to any of these common issues? 

  • You can't get the inner +/- outer lash band corner to adhere 
  • You find lash bands so flimsy that you struggle applying false lashes accurately and comfortably 
  • The false lashes you've used make your eyes look & feel heavy 
  • Even with multiple coats of mascara, they didn't provide the volume you were hoping for whether you opted for a natural or dramatic style 
  • Can't get more than a use or two if you are lucky without the false lashes looking unnatural and worn 

If any of these above points ring a bell, then I am happy you are reading this blog post because I can help you ! 

Why are #GCLASSLASHES different from the rest ? 

  • The lash band is designed to allow flexibility and durability. This means that you can control the movement of the lash band during the application process, allowing for control and an effortless application 
  • With the help of the Lash Applicator and #GCLASSLASHES lash band design, our lashes can be directly applied to your natural lash line without having to fuss with the band 
  • No need for mascara on our luxury false lashes 
  • Given that #GCLASSLASHES can be worn up to 25 times + with proper care, after the first wear the lash band will form to the shape of your eye, meaning that each application becomes that much more effortless and comfortable 
  • All of our lashes are stacked 3 dimensionally meaning that the lash hairs are hand layered to create 3D volume. Whether you are wearing our most natural or most dramatic lash, #GCLASSLASHES will enhance your eyes and open them up ! 
  • With proper care and our luxury lash box, #GCLASSLASHES are a cost effective solution at just over $1 per wear (or less if you are a lash care queen). 

Want to put my words to the test ? Watch my application video to see for yourself how effortless #GCLASSLASHES are to apply. If my Mom can apply them with my system ... so can YOU ! 

- xoxo Gretzie 



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